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Driving Need for a New Relationship Philosophy

September 26, 2000

"The Tao of Steve," or what amounts to Duncan North's so-called "philosophy" in attracting women ("Secrets of a Seducer," Aug. 29), sounds more than a bit like "The Rules" for men.

It seems that both men and women are happier and more productive when they spend their time participating in absorbing and fulfilling activities rather than manipulating one another. Psychological research finds that the happiest people are not the ones with lots of dates, but those who are in long-term, committed relationships (i.e., marriage) and who do fulfilling work.


Assistant Professor of Psychology

UC Riverside


There is a word for a woman who would fall for Duncan "Steve" North's verbal attack-and-retreat act: stupid. Second word: insecure. I don't know any woman with an IQ above 90 who thinks negative behavior is attractive. And he smokes too. I'll bet he has lots of dates. And a very creative imagination.


Mission Viejo

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