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September 26, 2000

What is the best football stadium in Orange County and why?


Santa Margarita, Football

Cal State Fullerton. The field has real low-cut grass that's fast. Usually, games there are pretty big so the crowd gets into it. The last two weeks I've been able to play there and there's been lots of emotion. There's also a real nice scoreboard and locker rooms and everything.



San Clemente, Football

Esperanza's field [at Valencia High]. I thought they had great stands and I loved the grass. It was short and smooth. The lighting was great on the field. San Clemente's field is right up there with it. That's probably one of the better cut fields too. I enjoy playing on both.



Football Referee

Orange Coast is the best stadium. They have more guys that keep people out of the ivy and keep people from walking the sidelines. They are just sticklers. The grass is always excellent. Western is a good stadium too because you're close to the parking lot. You just walk around the corner and you're there.



Ocean View, Football

The Santa Ana Bowl [Santa Ana Stadium]. We had three games there last year and it was a sort of home away from home. The facilities were the best I had ever seen for a high school game. The grass was so soft and fast. A teammate was able to [catch a pass and run] for an 83-yard touchdown at that stadium. The huge amount of seating is also a big bonus because it allows the big teams like Mater Dei to play there, while smaller teams have the ability to sit large crowds of fans as well.



Lake Forest, Fan

Titan Field at Cal State Fullerton. The field is well taken care of. The seating is good. The fee for parking is out of line, though. [Santa Ana Stadium] takes a close second followed by Orange Coast College. Nothing beats OCC on the night of the Fountain Valley-Edison game . . . except maybe moving that game back to Anaheim Stadium [Edison Field].



Anaheim, Video Coordinator

It has always been my home away from home, Glover Stadium. La Palma Park has so much tradition and history behind it--[e.g.] Mickey Flynn, the Ghost of La Palma Park.



Sonora, Cheerleader

Brea Olinda is my favorite. It's the nicest field, has an awesome atmosphere and a new track. Obviously because it's the newest, it's the nicest.


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