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Creating a Dried Flower Wreath

September 30, 2000|JULIE BAWDEN DAVIS

Fall is the perfect time to create a dried flower wreath.

"There are so many things in the garden that make a perfect addition to a wreath, such as pods and colorful foliage," said Pat Gosnell of Regal Flowers in Orange.

She offers these tips for creating a dried flower wreath.

For the wreath base, use an aluminum frame or make one with a grape vine or birch branches.

To avoid breakage, go slowly when forming a frame from plant branches. "It's important to moisten branches, such as grapes, bend them a little, and moisten them again until you have the desired size and shape," she said.

Gosnell lays her grape branches on her lawn, where they are watered during the night. In the morning, she shapes them a little, ties them with twine, and then puts them back on the lawn. She repeats this procedure until she has the desired shape.

When the frame is ready, attach flowers with pan glue or use wire. Starting at the base of the flower, twist the wire all the way down and then wrap onto the frame. Gosnell recommends using enameled 18-gauge wire.

Fill in blank areas where flowers have chipped or crushed with dried leaves, twigs, berries, bird's nests, ribbon and small dried fruits.

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