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Ventura County's 2 Naval Bases Will Soon Merge

September 30, 2000

VENTURA — After years of consolidating services, Ventura County's two naval bases will soon become one in an administrative move designed to save money.

The Naval Construction Battalion Center in Port Hueneme and the Point Mugu Naval Air Weapons Station will officially merge Oct. 11 and be called Naval Base Ventura County.

"There will be a single command authority established here for the Navy in Ventura County," said Navy spokeswoman Teri Reid. "It's one base with two different sites."

Capt. James Rainwater, who heads Point Mugu, will command the new base. Capt. Jim McConnell will remain the head of the 31st Naval Construction Regiment at Port Hueneme, which includes four Seabee battalions and the Seabee logistics center.

The bases have been consolidating services such as public affairs, finance and safety since October 1998, Reid said, but "our missions remain the same."

Consolidating the bases should save the Pentagon $6 million between 1998 and 2001, Reid PORT OF HUENEME said. "Each base having its own services was not the most cost-effective course."

A combined 8,552 military personnel, 6,605 civilians and 1,329 contractors work at the two bases, Reid said. Although some jobs have remained open through attrition and retirement, no new jobs should be lost because of the consolidation.

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