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Readers Sound Off on Sam-for-Howard Trade

April 02, 2001

Displaying the kind of "journalism" and "analysis" that we have come to expect from him, Sam Rubin's March 26 "response" to Howard Rosenberg's March 16 column demands a response of its own ("Rubin Offers Rosenberg a Job Trade for a Week"). As always, Rubin misses the point, opting to sling non sequiturs in the form of ad hominem attacks at the critic who dares comment negatively upon his work.

Rosenberg criticizes what Rubin does as a waste of time. Rubin's best response is to scold Rosenberg for neglecting to mention that he is the best at what he does, ignoring whether it is a worthwhile endeavor to begin with.

Like the vacuous celeb types that he reports about (and with), Rubin confuses elevated ratings for elevating viewing, and is incapable of moving beyond his belief that the emulation of his program by other stations around the country is a flattering endorsement of his work.

Congratulations then, Mr. Rubin. There is little doubt that you do well that which should not be done at all.


Redondo Beach

If Sam Rubin truly believes that being part of the "most emulated news format in the country" is the sincerest form of flattery, he ought to just grin and swallow all that egocentric bile he wrote up. It would be the first step in gaining some respect from his detractors.


Long Beach

Sam, I just read your Counterpunch and I think it is great. You are a person who communicates your love for the entertainment industry. My wife and I watch you on TV all the time and think you are terrific. Howard Rosenberg is a bully, a pseudo-sophisticated jerk who has no idea what the public enjoys. Howard takes terrible advantage of having that column and I do not understand why he still has the job. No way does he have the fortitude, let alone the talent, to take you up on your offer and switch places for a week.


Marina del Rey

Before Sam Rubin of KTLA fame considers trading places with Times Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Howard Rosenberg, he should take an introductory course in grammar so that he can learn to use the object of a preposition correctly.

For example, it is incorrect to write "of my colleagues and I" instead of "of my colleagues and me."

Be careful what you wish for, Sam.


Los Angeles

In case, and God forbid, John Madigan gives Sam Rubin the opportunity to regularly write for the Calendar section, I'd like to suggest to Rubin that he take a remedial English class. Sentences that include "rip into the merits . . . of my colleagues and I" and "working out of the exact same office" remind me of the 13-year-old Rubin claims no longer to be.

As a self-described "whittler of soap," which I suggest is more lard or schmaltz, Rubin is whiny, obnoxious and uninformative. I strongly advise the Tribune Co. not only to deny him a pen and desk from which to write, but also to take the television camera and microphone away from him immediately.


Los Angeles

Right on, Sam! We have been watching the show since we retired nearly 10 years ago. It's been great fun. We love all of you!



KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin's suggestion that he and Times television critic Howard Rosenberg change places for a week may have some merit, but I would oppose it on grounds that it would hurt the "Sam Rubin Drinking Game."

Every time Sammy uses a phrase like "I mean, you know," "It's just, like, so very. . . ," or "It seems, like, to me," I take a swig. By the time he completes one of his reports, I've had to refill my glass. I doubt that Rosenberg would give me that pleasure.


Los Angeles

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