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One Plucky Gal

April 06, 2001

And the winner of the Battle of the Beverly Hills Brow Pluckers is (envelope, please) . . . Anastasia.

Acing archrivals Valerie Sarnelle and newcomer Damone Roberts, Anastasia Soare waxed and tweezed the most celebrities on Oscar's red carpet. She shaped glam brows for Jennifer Lopez, Kate Capshaw, Renee Zellweger, Rita Wilson and Courtney Love. Roberts, a close runner-up, prepped Sarah Jessica Parker, Lara Flynn Boyle, and was Vanity Fair's official plucker.

Sarnelle gave do-it-yourself kits to all the nominated women.

Much has been made of the trio's competition to tweeze the rich and famous, but they pooh-pooh reports of client stealing. Still, the mystery continues over who set off the stink bomb in front of Anastasia's salon last year.

Sarnelle is the queen mother of pluckers, who first won fame in the 1980s for shaping the brows of television stars Kate Jackson and Teri Hatcher. In the 1990s, Anastasia won over Cindy Crawford's supermodel set and skyrocketed to the top of the A-list when she plucked Oprah Winfrey on live television.

Roberts, the protege of both women, left Anastasia's shop last year, and things got tense.

Now, says Anastasia, "There are enough customers for everyone."

"We're all makeup whores," Sarnelle says cheekily. "I'm just as guilty as the rest. People want to go where the movie stars go."

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