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'Rock' Crumbles

April 08, 2001

I find it mystifying that the demise of that awful sitcom "3rd Rock From the Sun" would warrant coverage ('A Landing on Planet Limbo," by Greg Braxton and T.L. Stanley, April 1). The only upside I could see to the upcoming writers' and actors' strikes was no new episodes of this grating abomination.

The screeching "acting" of John Lithgow is an embarrassment. The fact that both Lithgow and Kristen Johnson were awarded Emmys for their howling means cable's lowbrow "Son of the Beach" should be winning the Peabody soon.


Los Angeles


I was deeply saddened to read how NBC has killed another great show. This is exactly what happened to "Mad About You." I watched the latter regularly until NBC kept changing the time. Eventually, I gave up trying. The same is true of "3rd Rock From the Sun." There were precious few shows I found myself laughing out loud over. But once again, I couldn't keep track of the changing hours.

No wonder I spend most of my viewing time on WB ('Buffy') and reruns of NBC programs on other channels.


South Pasadena

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