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Masry's Politics

April 08, 2001

Re "Wrong Script, Ed Masry," Ventura County editorial, March 25.

Voters elected Thousand Oaks City Councilman Ed Masry and we expect him to represent us by (among other things) asking the hard questions and digging through complex development deals to root out both significance and loopholes.

Unfortunately, when these documents are not shared with Masry and the public until the eleventh hour, as was done with the Western Plateau / Dos Vientos development deal, it does not allow for fair representation.

Masry is making a difference, and his resolution requiring city staff to give council members legal documents at least three days in advance of when the council must ratify the documents is common sense. It should already be happening.

Keep up the fight, Ed Masry; you're doing just what we elected you to do!


Newbury Park


The courtroom tactic of antagonistic cross-examination has come to government in Thousand Oaks from the Ed Masry / Linda Parks team. The facts, as usual, show that once again the accusations are without substance.

I suggested before the last election that council members should be chosen based on their proven ability to work with others and achieve community benefits. The voters ignored that approach in favor of Masry / Parks and his $185,000 bankroll.

Elected officials were once appreciated for the services they provided instead of the balance in their checkbook, their Hollywood flair and their antagonistic attitude.


Thousand Oaks

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