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School Violence

April 08, 2001

* My background is 45 years experience in teaching English and counseling students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Why do we have shootings in schools?

* Latchkey kids hate to go home each day because there is no one there to talk to. They can't share their day or bond with anyone. It's these kids who join gangs, and the gang becomes their new family.

* Too many moms go back to work too soon after they have their children. A nursery school can't replace a mom.

* Some kids get on drugs and steal to keep up their habit. Our jails are overcrowded. The government must build and subsidize drug rehab centers so that they are affordable to all.

* We spend 12 years to prepare for a career and zero hours on preparation for marriage and how to bring up a family. Does this sound out of balance? Before one gets a marriage license, a prerequisite should be certain courses in preparation for marriage. It may even reduce our divorce rate.

* All students with mental disorders or abnormal tendencies must have a file at school that each teacher can look at, at the beginning of each semester. Violence and killing in the schools can be reduced. Students must have something to fear in the discipline area. We have lost that aspect at the present time.


West Hills

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