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Nuts About Naples

April 08, 2001

I enjoyed "Loving Naples, Flaws and All" (March 4). My wife, Marcia, and I were in Naples in June 1997, and writer Susan Spano's beautiful description brought it all back home.

She is certainly right about the driving patterns in the city. Marcia did the driving while I navigated using the zoom on my digital camcorder to see street signs ahead. There really is no problem as long as you "go with the flow."

I want to differ on a small point. My Neapolitan friends tell me that it's not a good idea for a woman to walk alone at night, even though Spano got away with it.


Santa Monica

At long last, after what seemed like an eternity, a feature travel story on Naples emerged. Spano came through with a piquantly insightful portrait of this much maligned but truly enchanted place.

The vibrancy of life, with all its chaotic underpinnings, amid a splendorous setting gives the city an almost mystical allure. That it seemingly thrives on disaster, turmoil and confusion is a tribute to the resilient character of its people.


Playa del Rey

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