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Battle-Ready Fans Defend 'Gladiator'

April 09, 2001

Mary Platt's thoughtful and literate response to the negative press on "Gladiator's" Oscar win was a welcome read (" 'Gladiator' Fully Deserves Its Oscar Glory," April 2). I do not understand the segment of the media that has determinedly refused to see what an outstanding example "Gladiator" is of what every movie hopes to accomplish when all is said and done: A fine cast with a superb director and crew illustrates a magnificent warrior's tale of both epic proportion (the battles in Germania and the Colosseum) and intimate detail (one honorable man's struggle for justice in the face of soul-wrenching grief).


West Palm Beach, Fla.


Bravo to Platt! She did a fine job in describing my sentiments regarding "Gladiator" and Russell Crowe's excellent performance. Not only did I very much enjoy the film, but my 19-year-old son did too. And guess who was moved to tears? My husband.




"Gladiator" swept me off my feet last May 5 and continued to entertain me throughout its run. I saw it 20 times in the theaters, enjoyed it immensely each time, couldn't wait to get the DVD and have watched it at home with rapt attention several times. I will see it again on the big screen at least once now that it has returned in the wake of its best picture win.

Yes, I grew up with the swords-and-sandals genre and loved it as a kid, but this is swords and sandals for grown-ups. Ridley Scott was robbed of his Academy Award, in my opinion.


Arlington, Texas


"Gladiator" was an epic in the mold of "Ben-Hur" and "Spartacus," and I think many of the Hollywood elite were jealous because they weren't the ones who created it. It also displayed the courage and honor qualities that many of them would be hard-pressed to understand.


Buena Park


"Gladiator" was a great movie for this completely uninitiated moviegoer. I loved the entire spectacle, from the special effects to the cinematography to the score and the acting. Shame on all those so-called critics for slamming a great piece of filmmaking.

Just trying to imagine what the director went through filming in three countries, costuming a cast of what appeared to be thousands and the other million or so details that went into a movie like this is mind-boggling. Well done, Ridley Scott!



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