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Into the Night

The Anti-Glam

Guests gleefully flaunt their tacky style sense at Glamour magazine's fashion 'Don'ts Party.'


With preppy chic, "Like a Virgin" lace, logos, metal rock T-shirts and head-to-toe denim all back in style, these days it's tougher than ever to be a fashion don't. But guests at Glamour magazine's "Don'ts Party" at the outre Norm's Diner in West Hollywood were asked to throw good taste to the wind and dress to unimpress.

It didn't seem that image-obsessed L.A. was up to the task as svelte teams of low-slung leather-pants-clad hipsters began to arrive.

"Everyone has become so stylish in L.A., it's a 'do' party here all the time," said Glamour Editor in Chief Bonnie Fuller, a "don't wear a dress and try to return it" in a Gucci gown with the price tag still attached. "Even the Oscars have become tasteful. Someone had to stand up for bad taste."

Glamour did hire a gaggle of models to dress as don'ts just in case guests opted not to play along at Thursday's event. But, for the most part, the guests didn't disappoint. Beauty editor Veronica Hinman was a dead ringer for Oscar night "don't" Pamela Anderson. Sporting a micro-mini denim skirt with a white shirt tied at the waist to expose her bra, Hinman completed the "Babe Watch" look with platinum blond hair extensions and pink frost lipstick.

Fashion editor Kelli Delaney was a classic "your bra is showing" with a lime-green bra spilling out over a black scoop-neck dress. (Not one to over-don't it, the dress was a stunner from Dolce & Gabbana's spring collection).

L.A. hairstylist Ken Paves managed to pile on two don'ts. "Don't do mall bangs," he said, pointing to his feathery locks. His outfit? "Don't do Guido and keep 'The Sopranos' for Sunday night," he said, sporting multiple gold-chain necklaces he snagged at the 99 Cent Store.

Some don'ts were more out-there. "I'm a don't wear toilets in public," said Talya Meldy, clad in vintage pants with a porcelain throne print. "Of course I do wear them in the office," said the colon hydrotherapist.

Jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino wore a pink crinoline tutu over a pair of jeans. "I'm a don't do this . . . ever," she said.

Others were more reluctant don'ts. "I didn't want to leave my house like this," said writer Cathy Griffin, dressed in leopard-print pajama bottoms, sneakers, a vintage sequin top and a fox fur coat. "I said, what if I get into an accident and have to go to the hospital!" she said as she walked into the fatty food palace, where grilled cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, beef jerky and cheese doodles were served.

Actress Jennifer Blanc, who is immortalized as a "don't" in corduroy pants and a clashing knit halter top in Glamour's April issue, said she couldn't make the same mistake again. For the party, she was a "do" in a chic one-sleeved orange shirt and dark denim jeans.

And for those who always wondered if all Glamour's embarrassing shots are real, official "don't photographer" Ronnie Andren said it's sad but true. He travels around the country in search of fashion victims.

"Most people don't get [mad]," he said. "But I did have one girl call me a . . . jerk."

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