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Daily Bridge Club

April 12, 2001|FRANK STEWART

"I daresay, Holmes, you know how I should play the clubs."

"In fact, Watson, I haven't the foggiest idea."

Dr. Watson was declarer at four spades with Sherlock Holmes a kibitzer. Professor Moriarty, West, had cashed two hearts and led a trump.

"But Holmes, you always know how the missing cards lie."

Holmes said nothing; so Dr. Watson drew trumps and tried a club finesse with the queen. Moriarty took the king, and East also got a club. Down one.

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"I suppose you'd guess to lead the ace and then a low club," Watson said.


"I do not guess, Watson. I analyze evidence."

"What evidence was there?" Watson frowned.

"As you played, none," Holmes said. "After you draw trumps, lead the queen of diamonds. If Moriarty has the king, he'll surely cover; and then you can place East with the king of clubs for his raise to two hearts. But when West plays low on the queen of diamonds, you'll know he has the king of clubs."

"Amazing, Holmes."


West dealer

Both sides vulnerable


Q 9 7 5

(Heart) Q 4

* A 8 7 2

7 5 2


8 4

(Heart) A K J 7 3

J 9 5 4

K 4


(Heart) 9 8 6 2

K 10 6 3

J 10 9


A K 10 6 2

(Heart) 10 5

* Q

A Q 8 6 3


 1 (Heart) Pass 2 (Heart) 2

Pass 3 Pass 4

All Pass

Opening lead-- (Heart) K

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