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On the Trail of Bobby Fischer


April 13, 2001

Position #5633: White to play and win. From the game Kasparov--Bareyev, Cannes 2001.

Solution to Position #5632: Black wins with 1 . . . Nd3, threatening 2 . . . Rxh2+ 3 Kg1 Qg8+. If 2 Ng3, then 2 . . . Bxg3 3 Qxd3 (or 3 hxg3 Qh6+ 4 Qh4 Qc6+, mating) Rxh2+ 4 Kg1 Bf2+! 5 Kxh2 Qf4+ 6 Kh1 Bd5+! 7 Qxd5 Qh4+ leads to mate.


The Ventura County Open takes place April 21-22 at Days Inn, 1320 Newbury Road in Thousand Oaks. It's a four-round tournament with a Championship and an Amateur (under-1800) section. For more information, call Dan Nystrom at (805) 486-3842.

The Southern California Junior High School Championship will be held April 21 at Castaic Middle School, 28900 Hillcrest Parkway in Castaic. The tournament, which is open to any student in grades K-9, offers trophies to the best performers in each grade and rating class. There are separate sections for players rated under 1000 and under 700. For information, call Jay Stallings of the sponsoring California Youth Chess League at (661) 288-1705 or send a message to

Frank Berry and Rusty Krutic shared first place in Chess Academy's tournament last Sunday. Tom Cannon and Steve Labollita drew games against Eduard Gufeld in the grandmaster's weekly simultaneous exhibition. For details of the Hollywood club's next events, call Gufeld at (323) 883-0164.

Filiberto Zadini edged Robert Tischler on tie-break to win the Ides of March tournament at the West Valley Chess Club. Each scored 5-1 in the 44-player event. Rashid Rakhimov, Bernabe Flores, Grigory Furman, Yale Warsaw and Rick Rand earned class prizes.

The West Valley Chess Club, which meets at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays in the Jewish Community Center, will begin the Spring Swiss and Spring Round Robin on April 19. For information, call John Price at (818) 363-1379 or Duane Cooper at (818) 999-0837.

Roger Aramayo and Ken Philipson won their sections in the Exposition Park Chess Club's April tournament. The club, which meets every Sunday afternoon in the public library, 3665 S. Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles, will conduct its May tournament on May 6.


Reader Dennis Uchimura of Los Angeles has suggested that this column occasionally include questions from readers. To ask your chess question, leave a message at (213) 237-5808 or write to Jack Peters, Los Angeles Times, 202 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, 90012.

Uchimura asks about Bobby Fischer. Unfortunately, there is little to report. Several months after Fischer defeated Boris Spassky in their 1992 rematch in Yugoslavia, the eight-time U.S. champion moved to Budapest. Although he has analyzed chess with Hungarian GMs Peter Leko, Andre Lilienthal and Judit Polgar, he claims to have lost interest in the standard form of the game. He advocates "Fischerrandom" chess, in which the pieces are randomly placed on the first and eighth ranks. Fischer offered to contribute money for a Fischerrandom match in Argentina, but the match never happened.

Fischer guards his privacy intensely. He made an exception for a 1999 interview on a Budapest radio station, charging that an American friend was selling his memorabilia without his permission. I cannot confirm rumors that he has tried to return to this country.


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