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Election Fliers and Villaraigosa

April 15, 2001

* The day of the Los Angeles election I received 21 fliers from candidates or the parties representing them. Twenty of these fliers were delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. I received more fliers than real mail. One flier was left on my front door.

I checked all the addresses; they were all for me. One was addressed to the Rockwell family, several to me without my middle name and a few with my middle name. The following is a list of the fliers I received: five from Valerie Fields (including the one left on the door); five from Diane Watson; four from Marlene Canter; three from Matthew Rodman; one from Noel Irwin Hentschel; one from Nate Holden; one from Urban Issues Community Slate; and one from the Sierra Club.

Too many fliers too late! What an overkill. What a waste of paper. Most of the fliers contained very little information and they repeated themselves. I was going to recycle them, but perhaps I can cut them up and use them in a collage.


Los Angeles

* Los Angeles is a working-class community. It is about time that big business moves out of City Hall and lets the community run things right. Antonio Villaraigosa is representative of the Los Angeles community; it is only fitting that he is in the June mayoral runoff election.


City Terrace

* I can't understand the voters of Los Angeles. How could they support Villaraigosa, who admitted to taking what amounted to bribe money so that he would help secure the release from prison of a convicted drug dealer? I guess eight years of apathy regarding Bill Clinton's immorality rubbed off on the voters of Los Angeles. Thank goodness I live in Ventura County.


Westlake Village

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