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High School Notebook

April 18, 2001|PAIGE A. LEECH

When you bat .547 with 37 RBIs as a junior, .419 and 15 RBIs the following season doesn't look so good.

Just ask Christina Enea of El Camino Real.

The Oklahoma-bound catcher is leading her team in RBIs and batting by nearly 100 points, but she is not exactly boasting.

"I think she has put too much pressure on herself," Coach Lori Chandler said. "I would think she would be relaxed because she has her scholarship. There's no pressure to perform except that she feels the weight of the team on her shoulders.

"I think she should just let that go, have fun and relax [at the plate]."

Enea has been working on patience at the plate, but it's been a daunting task.

"I'm frustrated because I want to do so well, so I'm pushing myself," Enea said. "When I'm up to bat, I'm like, wait, wait, wait, wait. . . ."

Said Chandler: "She's inwardly dying I think. But outwardly, she's still [upbeat]."

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