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Compiled by Kevin Crust. Commentary from Times reviews. Films considered especially noteworthy by Times reviewers are designated with a *.

April 19, 2001

Bamboozled (2000). A painfully offensive minstrel show becomes the biggest thing in television in this savage, confrontational film by Spike Lee. New Line/Warner: no list price; DVD: $24.98; (CC); R, for strong language and some violence.

Billy Elliot (2000). Jamie Bell is a natural as a young British lad from a strike-bound mining town who's determined against obvious odds to become a ballet dancer. Universal: no list price; DVD: $24.98; (CC); R, for language.

The Ladies Man (2000). Tim Meadows' cognac-sipping, sweet-talking, Afro-wearing "love machine" is the latest of "Saturday Night Live's" stable of overreaching dim wits to get his own movie. Paramount: no list price; DVD: $29.99; (CC); R, for sexual content and language.

Space Cowboys (2000). The story of a quartet of "Leisure World aviators" who want to prove they won't be old and in the way in outer space, this is a mostly genial film that gets as much mileage as it can out of the undeniable charisma of its stars: Clint Eastwood (who also directed), Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner. Warner: no list price; DVD: $26.98; (CC); PG-13, for some language.

Tigerland (2000). Tense, gritty drama of psychological suspense set in a Louisiana boot camp in the disillusioned year of 1971. Fox: no list price; DVD: $29.98; (CC); R, for violence, pervasive language and a scene of strong sexuality/nudity.

The Yards (2000). As in "Little Odessa," writer-director James Gray creates a blue-collar world in which there is a continuum between respectability and corruption, which are in constant flux. This time he finds a veritable House of Atreus in a Queens family in which loyalty has dictated that Mark Wahlberg's Leo will take a fall for auto theft and in which the family patriarch, subway repairs magnate (James Caan), is feeling the crunch within an already crooked business-as-usual environment. With Joaquin Phoenix, Charlize Theron, Faye Dunaway and Ellen Burstyn. Miramax/Buena Vista: no list price; DVD: $32.99; (CC); R, for language, violence and a scene of sexuality.

What's Coming

Tuesday: "Finding Forrester," "The Girl on the Bridge," "Just Looking," "Little Nicky," "One Day in September."

May 1: "All the Pretty Horses," "The Emperor's New Groove," "Miss Congeniality."

May 8: "AntiTrust," "The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack," "Boesman and Lena," "Duets," "Quills," "Sunshine," "What Women Want," "Yi Yi."

May 15: "Best in Show," "Pay It Forward."

May 22: "Before Night Falls," "Dungeons & Dragons," "Requiem for a Dream," "Vertical Limit."

May 29: "The House of Mirth," "Shadow of the Vampire," "Traffic."

June 6: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

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