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Web Has Its Version of Funny Pages

April 19, 2001|KAREN JONES |

Comic books are a popular art form for children of all ages, and devotees find plenty of fun at and

Best known for its Spider-Man and X-Men properties, ( serves as a comic book forum for fans. Visitors can peruse new issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men each week and information about their movie and TV adaptations.

The Comics section features biographies, critiques and information on a bevy of Marvel characters such as Thor, Captain America, Blade and Avengers. Fun & Games offers jazzy interactive games, downloadable wallpaper and audio clips, printable coloring pages and interactive comic strips.

There is also a Community area where Marvel editors and creators discuss the creative process with online fans via message boards.

The truly converted also can sign up for, a service provider offering 20 Marvel character domain names, exclusive sweepstakes, contests and limited-edition comics. It costs $15 per month., the online venue for United Media, is a showcase for more than 90 popular comic strips such as Peanuts, Dilbert, Ripley's Believe It or Not, B.C. and Raising Duncan. At, the site features the work of leading editorial cartoonists plus New Yorker magazine's celebrated cartoons.

Each day, the home page posts a featured comic strip. Depending on what comic page is visited, users can view 30 days of the strip, e-mail it to friends, read author biographies and download comic-themed cursors and wallpaper. There also is a store where visitors can order customized T-shirts, mugs and mouse pads.


Karen Jones is a freelance writer specializing in children's interactive media.

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