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Heartfelt Thanks

April 22, 2001

Thanks to Thousand Oaks Councilman Andy Fox for his defibrillator program. And thanks to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza for training the ushers. And special thanks to Duane Christensen and Lorie Robinson for their fast action.

My husband, Jim, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest before a recent concert by the New West Symphony at the Civic Arts Plaza. Fortunately he was resuscitated at the theater. He then underwent a four-week hospital stay.

I want to thank everyone at the Civic Arts Plaza who participated in his resuscitation, especially Christensen, who administered the defibrillator, and Robinson, who provided CPR.

Also, thanks to Councilman Fox for his foresight in getting defibrillators installed at the theater and various other places around town, and to the staff at the Civic Arts Plaza for their prompt response.

Also, thanks to his doctors and the nurses at Los Robles Medical Center. Jim is now home and on the path to recovery.


Thousand Oaks

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