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Ventura County Perspective

El Rio Gymnasium

April 22, 2001

I believe the new clinic in the El Rio gymnasium should be named after Ventura County Supervisor John K. Flynn. He has led the effort to secure public and private donations to match state and federal funding. Without these funds, the gym would have been only a dream.

In this constituent's opinion, this project has been one of Flynn's greatest accomplishments, one among too many to list as he has been in office for 24 years.

He has supported the Albert H, Soliz Library by providing access to computers and the Internet. He also played a major role in the remodeling of El Rio Park, playground and community center so that his constituents could have a nice place to play and barbecue. Most importantly, he has personally cared for all of his constituents regardless of race, creed or color.

Also worthy of recognition is the effort of Ernest J. Almanza, who donated much of his time to the El Rio gymnasium. He has put forth great effort in the community of El Rio to improve the youth and the area. He has been on the El Rio school board for 36 years and has been involved in Little League and the Rio Mesa Booster Club. Please consider adding his name to the El Rio gymnasium.

These two gentlemen deserve just a little in return for all the years of public service they have given to us, to our children and to future generations.



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