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Van Nuys Airport Noise

April 22, 2001

Re "Failure to Address Demand Will Harm the Community" by James Stewart and "An Old Battle Is Won, to Confounding Consequences," by George Jerome, Perspective on Van Nuys Airport, April 15.

"Yes Virginia, there is a noise problem, and it is significant." This statement was quickly whisked away and blame laid on homeowners who complain about such noise.

[Stewart and Jerome] have both sat on the so-called Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council. For more than a decade, it has done little to solve the problem. All the public wants is a well-policed noise limit with fines and penalties on those aircraft, whether jets or helicopters, that destroy our quality of life in the San Fernando Valley.

Stewart desires to remove all the homes affected by the airport. Does that [include] Woodland Hills, North Hills or Studio City? No, he only wants to remove those within the area that the Federal Aviation Administration would measure for excessive sound. Then the jets can thunder at will over the rest of us.

Where are the studies showing how many jobs could be created as a result of non-aviation businesses? We don't know. No study has ever been done.

How much impact would a much nosier airport have on economic growth and property values, let alone quality of life, for the Valley? . . .

The technology exists to make this airport quieter. Use it. Don't be fooled by those who have worked so long and hard to destroy our quality of life by blaming the messengers.



Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.,

Airport Noise Committee

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