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April 24, 2001

Has a team or opponent recently demonstrated especially good sportsmanship? Tell us about it.


Valencia, Asst. Track Coach

At our last dual meet, two girl distance runners from Brea Olinda came up and thanked me because our runners, who weren't running at the time, had been cheering them on during their race. The two-mile race can get pretty lonely and I think even having other people cheering for you can do a lot.


University, Tennis

Anne Yelsey [of Corona del Mar] is always a good sport. Nothing fazes her out there. She's always quiet and to herself. We always talk after the matches. She doesn't have to cheat to win. She's good enough to play her game. I don't ever worry about line calls with her. She's always fair.


Villa Park, Asst. Swim Coach

I would like to commend the Santa Ana Valley swim teams for their great attitude during their dual swim meets. Their swimmers are very encouraging of their teammates in spite of their opponents beating them by wide margins. They are interested in improving their times and happy when they do, in spite of where they finish in the race. Their coaches are only interested in their swimmers improving and their finish place is meaningless. It is not often you see the happiest swimmer after a race finish fifth out of six, but that is often the case with the Falcons. Congratulations to the Valley swim program. They have the true attitude of good sportsmanship and spirit.


Cypress, Baseball Coach

Century High exhibits outstanding sportsmanship on a continual basis under some adverse circumstances. They're in a league that is very difficult for them, and I don't think they're on a level playing field. They also tend to lose some kids to grades at inopportune times. But when they take the field, they're a scary team to play. The kids play hard, they show great character and they're fierce competitors. I give a lot of credit to the kids and their coach, Nate Guerriero, for maintaining positive attitudes at all times.


Woodbridge, Boys' Tennis Coach

All of the teams that we've played in the [Sea View] league have been pretty good. Out of league, Anson Hsu of University was everything that exemplifies a good sportsman.


Who is the most exciting high school player in your sport and why?

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