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Look, Click and Listen


Yahoo Inc., the biggest Internet-search service, has launched a Web site dedicated to audio and video that can be streamed online to attract more users with high-speed Internet connections.

Yahoo Broadcast, at, has video and audio from hundreds of other companies, including, and weather forecaster Accuweather, Yahoo said. Previously, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company used the Web site to stream video of live events such as sports.

Yahoo Broadcast will help Yahoo get users with high-speed Internet connections to spend more time on its Web pages, said David Mandelbrot, vice president of entertainment at Yahoo. The new site will also let advertisers show commercials they've already produced for television, he said.

OK, but we tried to find anything worth watching on the service--including an "I Love Lucy" clip and an excerpt from "Army of Darkness"--and got bupkus.

Advancing the Game Plan

Nintendo plans to spend $75 million marketing the latest version of its popular hand-held video game player, Game Boy Advance, in North America.

Advertising for the latest version, due to launch in the United States on June 11, will target the wide audience Nintendo sees as potential buyers, taking in everyone from junior high school students to business travelers.

Nintendo has slated more than $25 million for marketing activities before the launch and $75 million by year end, the company said.

Game Boy Advance, launched in mid-March in Japan, follows on the success of the Game Boy series. Cumulative sales of the 11-year-old original Game Boy exceeded 100 million units last year. Nintendo controls 99% of the hand-held video game market.

Priced at $99.95, the latest version has a 50% larger screen than the earlier console, and the processor jumps to a 32-bit capacity from its previous 8-bit capacity.

It can play games designed for previous Game Boy versions and can act as a controller for Nintendo's Gamecube video game console.

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