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The Committee

August 23, 2001|Helene Elliott

Biographies of the eight members of the U.S. Olympic Committee's Site Selection Committee who will visit Southern California today through Sunday:

Frank Aires: USOC Games logistics manager. Was named the USOC's director of contracting and purchasing in 1981 and has managed communications and equipment requirements for all National/Olympic Sports Festivals and Olympic, Paralympic and Pan Am Games. Lives in Colorado Springs.

Charles H. Moore: Olympic gold medalist in the 400-meter hurdles at Helsinki and a silver medalist in the 1,600-meter relay. Executive director of the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy. Public sector member of the USOC Board of Directors and chairman of the Audit Committee (1992-2000). Lives in Washington.

Stacey Johnson: President of the U.S. Fencing Assn. and a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic fencing team. A member of the USOC Board of Directors since 1996 and chief of mission for the U.S. world fencing teams. Division chair of English, Communications, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language, and assistant professor of communications at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas. Lives in San Antonio.

Evie Dennis: USOC vice president, 1980-88, and special assistant to the USOC president, 1989-92 and 1996-2000. Chief of mission of 1988 Seoul and team manager of U.S. Olympic track teams in 1976 and 1980. Lives in Denver.

Christopher Cole: World and national racquetball singles champion in 1992 and medalist at three Olympic festivals. Coaches the U.S. junior national team and is athlete representative to the U.S. Racquetball Assn. Board of Directors, USOC Athletes' Advisory Council Board of Directors and USOC Board of Directors. Lives in Kentwood, Mich., where he is regional sales manager for an athletic equipment manufacturer.

Tony Basile: USOC managing director and chief information officer, as well as manager of the Bid City program. Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Lives in Colorado Springs.

Greg Harney: USOC managing director, games and organizational support, and site evaluation manager. Has organized and directed services for U.S. delegations to the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan Am and World University Games. Was manager of press venue operations for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee. Lives in Colorado Springs.

Keith Ferguson: USOC bid administration associate director. Was assistant director of U.S. Olympic festivals. Lives in Colorado Springs.

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