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A Holiday Dress That's Chic, Sexy ... and Safe


Some of the options for dressing up that little black dress:

* A great handbag. Whether it's something edgy or something sweet, pick your purse this season to provide the punchy accent to your black dress. Christian Dior's crescent-shaped trailer bag offers a playful touch, while Marc Jacobs' adorable circle frame clutch with its patent leather discs is a modern take on Jackie Kennedy's purses from the '50s and '60s.

* A simple necklace. Unfussy chokers or chains are the way to go this season. Try something along the lines of Bulgari's B. Zero white gold chain and logo pendant or a chic leather choker.

* Signature watches. This season, watches aren't merely to be used for telling time. Their far more important purpose now is to complement your little black dress. Try a funky bangled watch like Fendi's Pyramid watch or Christian Dior's black leather watch with silver eyelets that provide a fetishist's flair.

* Unusual shoes. Instead of wearing the customary strappy heels this season, pair your little black dress with knee-high boots or mules.

* Interesting hosiery. Fishnets are on their way off the trendy spectrum, but those with a tighter pattern are still in vogue this season. Or, to spice your little black dress up, try Christian Dior's Barbarella Spider Tights, which cling to a woman's legs in a large, dramatic, spider-web pattern.

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan writes for the Baltimore Sun, a Tribune company.

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