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VALLEY ROUNDUP | North Hollywood

New Subway Lot to Bring Parking Relief

February 07, 2001|ANNETTE KONDO

Frustrated subway users who can't find a legal parking spot at the North Hollywood station will get some relief Monday morning when a temporary lot opens.

Situated across the street and to the west of the Red Line station, the lot has 186 parking spaces.

It is bounded by Chandler Boulevard North, Lankershim Boulevard, Chandler Boulevard South and Tujunga Avenue.

Commuters may park in the new lot after a brief 7:30 a.m. Monday opening ceremony.

The 2.67-acre parcel is also home to a boarded-up historic rail depot targeted for preservation.

The 1896 redwood structure was first used as a Southern Pacific train depot, and later as a Red Car station for the Pacific Electric Railway.

Shortly after the North Hollywood Red Line station opened last summer, motorists were often unable to find parking.

Many left their vehicles illegally parked along curbs and driveways, but city traffic officials have recently been ticketing some violators.

Officials with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority were initially reluctant to create more parking, saying they hoped subway riders would use a bus, carpool or other means to get to the subway stations.

Parking is in short supply at the Universal City station as well.

That shortfall is partly attributed to non-subway drivers who use the station lot to get to CityWalk or Universal Studios.

An additional 165 spots will be added to the Universal City subway lot this summer after a road construction project is completed, MTA spokesman Ed Scannell said.

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