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Recognizing the Very Best in Their Field

February 14, 2001|CHRIS SHAFFER

With the regular season over and playoffs beginning today, it's time to honor top players and teams.

Players who will make the biggest impact in college: Mike Enfield of Ventura High (UCLA) and Ryan Shaw of St. Francis (UC Davis) for boys. Dee Dee Sanguinetti of Hart (Long Beach State), Ali Pavoni of Hart (Pepperdine) and Lisa Engel of Buena (Stanford) for girls.

Top five freshman girls: Ashley Jones of Westlake, Jamie Artsis of Harvard-Westlake, Courtney Hooker of Chaminade, Kaitlyn Kelly of Thousand Oaks and Kandice McLaughlin of El Camino Real.

Top five sophomore boys: Taylor Canel and Shane Fierst of Crespi, Jeremy Huang of El Camino Real, Dione Scott of Notre Dame and Jeff Fawcett of St. Francis.

Top five sophomore girls: Lauren Treinen of Chaminade, Gina Farias-Eisner of Harvard-Westlake, Jessica Harris of El Camino Real, Shari Summers of Valencia and Kelly Cochran of Westlake.

Top five junior boys: Jason Lara of El Camino Real, Andres Baena of Birmingham, Nick Folk of Notre Dame, Mike Caso of Hart and Raul Calderon of El Camino Real.

Top five junior girls: Carrie Schuler of Louisville, Kim LaVere of Harvard-Westlake, Jenna Fodor of Chatsworth, Shameka Alford of Buena and Jaime Rendich of Canyon.

Most underrated boys: Armond Richards of Ventura, Humberto Hernandez of San Fernando and Justin Duncan of St. Francis.

Most underrated girls: Jamie Doyen of El Camino Real, Brittny McDonald of Buena and Jessie Steinberg of Granada Hills.

Boys who will make the biggest impact next season: Gianni Facio of El Camino Real, Kyle Reynish of Hart, Daniel Cuello of Burbank, Jon Krupansky of Newbury Park and Nick Angellilo of Quartz Hill.

Girls who will make the biggest impact next season: Lauren Baer of Westlake, Tracy Lansing of Harvard-Westlake, Jenny Farenbaugh of Louisville, Lindsey Weening of Chaminade and April Millado of Louisville.

Hardest tacklers: Zach Feldman of El Camino Real among the boys. Maytal Shvartz of El Camino Real for girls.

Players most likely to play for the Galaxy: William Sims of Reseda and Marcus Jackson of Quartz Hill.

Players most likely to play for the national team: Jill Oakes of Harvard-Westlake and Natalie Sanderson of Buena.

Most improved players: Mike Gordon of El Camino Real for boys. Kim Morgan of Louisville for girls.

Biggest overachievers: Valencia girls and Notre Dame boys.

Best quote, boys: "[Reseda players] don't appreciate the fields they play on. At least they have grass," said Reseda Coach Julio Castillo, who grew up playing soccer on pebble streets in Guatemala.

Best quote, girls: "I have 16 starters. On any given day, anyone can start and make a difference. The girls are going to be tough to beat," said Buena Coach Trish Butterbaugh before the season.

Best goal: Louisville midfielder Melanie Wong's half-volley in midair on a cross from Farenbaugh that tied Wednesday's game, 1-1, with Chaminade.


Sylmar Coach Emmanuel Martins might miss the Spartans' first-round playoff game Friday at Hollywood.

Martins was selected from a group of soccer players to star in two American Airlines commercials.

In one segment Martins, while juggling the ball inside an airplane, passes the ball to Paul Caligiuri, who played for the U.S. National team. Caligiuri bicycle kicks the ball to the front of the plane.

In the other, Martins dribbles the ball between the aisles to show how much legroom is in the plane.

The commercials will air nationally on Spanish-language stations and in Central America.


Royal's girls got a treat when it snowed for about 10 minutes at practice Wednesday.


The Top 10

Final regular season rankings of soccer teams from the region



RK LW School (League) Rec. 1 1 El Camino Real (West Valley) 22-3 2 3 St. Francis (Mission) 18-5 3 4 Crespi (Mission) 17-5-1 4 2 Reseda (Valley Mission) 20-6-2 5 5 Notre Dame (Mission) 13-8-1 6 7 Royal (Marmonte) 22-3-4 7 6 Quartz Hill (Golden) 22-2-2 8 8 Ventura (Channel) 13-6-4 9 9 Rio Mesa (Pacific View) 13-8-2 10 10 Newbury Park (Marmonte) 18-4-2





RK LW School (League) Rec. 1 1 Buena (Channel) 24-1-2 2 2 Chaminade (Mission) 18-4-2 3 3 Westlake (Marmonte) 14-0-5 4 4 Harvard-Westlake (Mission) 14-3-4 5 5 Hart (Foothill) 12-5-5 6 6 Valencia (Foothill) 12-5-5 7 7 El Camino Real (West Valley) 16-1-2 8 9 Quartz Hill (Golden) 18-2-1 9 8 Canyon (Foothill) 19-2-5 10 10 Thousand Oaks (Marmonte) 11-6-3



First-round games, 3 p.m. Tuesday


No. 16 Cleveland (11-11) at

No. 1 El Camino Real (16-1-2)

No. 9 Hamilton (10-1-2) at

No. 8 Narbonne (15-5-3)

No. 12 Elizabeth Center (11-4-1)

at No. 5 Granada Hills (17-6-3)

No. 13 Huntington Park (8-3-2) at

No. 4 Grant (18-1-1)

No. 14 Belmont (11-4-1) at

No. 3 San Pedro (15-5)

No. 11 Palisades (8-4-5) at

No. 6 Kennedy (14-5-2)

No. 10 San Fernando (11-4-5) at

No. 7 Westchester (10-0-3)

No. 15 Jefferson (7-2-2) at

No. 2 Chatsworth (11-5-1)



No. 16 Fremont (4-6-2) at

No. 1 Verdugo Hills (10-4-3)

No. 9 Manual Arts (5-3-5) at

No. 8 Garfield (7-3-2)

No. 12 Roosevelt (6-5-3) at

No. 5 Canoga Park (7-6-3)

No. 13 Poly (7-6-2) at

No. 4 Van Nuys (9-6-5)

No. 14 Locke (3-1-7) at

No. 3 Bell (6-3-4)

No. 11 Wilson (8-5-1) at

No. 6 Sherman Oaks CES (7-3-2)

No. 10 South Gate (4-5-4) at

No. 7 L.A. CES (7-5)

No. 15 Banning (6-6) at

No. 2 Marshall (10-3-2)

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