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College Basketball Top 25

February 15, 2001|CHRIS DUFRESNE

No. School (Record) Comment

1. North Carolina (21-2) Eighteen consecutive wins, but who's counting?

2. Stanford (22-1) Trying to lock up that cozy San Diego/Anaheim NCAA regional run.

3. Duke (22-3) At airport, Coach K. runs into Kenny G. in Terminal C.

4. Illinois (20-5) Looks like top-seeded team in Midwest from this perch.

5. Michigan State (19-3) Has defeated three of last year's Final Four teams.

6. Iowa State (21-3) Guard Jamaal Tinsley has shown lots of mettle.

7. Arizona (17-6) Gadzuric's bum ankle should have Woods licking his chops.

8. Florida (17-5) Hip, hip hooray for Teddy Dupay.

9. Boston College (18-3) One slip-up at Connecticut permissible under state poll laws.

10. Kansas (19-4) A loss involving (Elgin) Baylor we could have understood.

11. Syracuse (19-5) We'll pretend we didn't see that home loss to Miami.

12. Virginia (17-6) Had Duke over for supper on Wednesday night.

13. Wisconsin (15-7) Sorry fan Dick Bennett had to see that Illinois loss.

14. Oklahoma (19-5) Bob Stoops shows Kelvin Sampson his ESPY.

15. Alabama (19-5) Memo to Peter Dalis: Attendance has doubled since Gottfried took over.

16. Notre Dame (17-5) Second-best basketball team on campus.

17. UCLA (15-6) Final tally on coach's vote of confidence: 4-3.

18. USC (16-6) Tom Kelly hires Jim Rockford to investigate "Bottlegate."

19. Maryland (15-9) Should we be concerned with all these losses?

20. Fresno State (20-3) Tark refuses to open Valentine's Day candygram postmarked "NCAA."

21. St. Joseph's (20-4) Love the point guard . . . and the cough syrup.

22. Kentucky (16-7) Pitino coming back!!! . . . for the Kentucky Derby.

23. Providence (18-6) Already eclipsed last season's win total.

24. Georgia Tech (14-9) We're a ramblin' wreck after making this pick.

25. Creighton (19-6) This week's mystery guest hosted Bradley Wednesday night.

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