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King Fans Growing Impatient in a Hurry

February 17, 2001

The Kings' latest home stand featured generally mediocre teams and was a great chance for them to get back into the playoff race. Unfortunately, they did their best Dodger imitation and went 2-5-1.

What exactly are Tim Leiweke and Dave Taylor waiting for on the Rob Blake front? The Kings won't give him $9 million per, and he apparently won't return for less. Perhaps it's time to get off of the indecision wagon and make a play for Yashin, Lindros or another marquee player to pump some energy back into Staples Center.




Due to the need for budget restraints imposed by Mr. Anschutz (the sixth-richest man in the U.S.), I propose the following:

Start a new league in which you can own all the teams, make up your own fair-market payroll by bringing in Euro teen talent that will play for scraps, hire a few bikini-wearing cheerleaders on skates and sponsor a few fan brawl competitions.

You can call it the XHL.

And by the way: Sell the Kings to someone who cares.


Van Nuys

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