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Eminem's Year

February 18, 2001

The hits, the confrontations and more.

April 2000

The bawdy, "The Real Slim Shady" lands as an instant radio and video hit, generating more heat for the upcoming "The Marshall Mathers LP," Wwhose producers include Dr. Dre, left. Eminem muses about a million youngsters who want to look, sound and act like him. It also boasts the now-famous line: "You think I give a damn about a Grammy?"

May 14

In an interview with The Times, Eminem defends himself against accusations that his music is dangerous. "I don't think music can make you kill or rape someone any more than a movie is going to make you do something you know is wrong, but music can give you strength."

May 20

MTV, arguably the most powerful promotional vehicle in pop music, becomes EmTV for the weekend, with Eminem videos in heavy rotation and the rapper himself serving as host. The station's leadership responds to criticism with a pledge to air anti-hate crime programming.

May 23

"The Marshal Mathers LP" arrives in stores and is scooped up at a furious pace. It will set a record for the most albums sold in a week by a solo artist and post the second-best-selling week of all time with 1.76 million copies.

June 4

Two Michigan confrontations lead to felony charges. Eminem allegedly pistol-whips a man seen kissing his wife, and he allegedly brandishes a gun in a showdown with a rival.

July 7

Kim Mathers, the rapper's 25-year-old wife and frequent target of his violent lyrics, slashes her wrists in a suicide attempt. The two will seek a divorce, sue each other and then talk of reconciling.

Dec. 31

Eminem ends 2000 with the year's second-best-selling album, racking up 8 million copies sold. Only 'N Sync sells more. He also closes out the year as the biggest draw on Dr. Dre's all-star rap tour.

, perhaps the most ambitious hard-core rap tour ever.

Jan. 3, 2001

Eminem gets four Grammy nominations, including a best album. The disc becomes the first hard-core rap album up for that award. Phones at Grammy HQ are jammed with protest calls.

Jan. 4

Activists lash out at the Grammy nominations for Eminem. The Family Violence Prevention Fund launches a "No to Eminem" call for a boycott of the awards show. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation begins plans for protests outside the show and a town meeting on Eminem on the eve of the gala.

Feb. 8

In England, Eminem draws the ire of police for "inciting drug use" by popping pills during a concert and telling fans it was the drug Ecstasy. This overseas flap follows an attempt by Canadian officials to bar an Eminem show by invoking hate-crime laws.

Feb. 9, 2001

Elton John, says he will perform "Stan" with Eminem at the Grammys. John tells The Times he views the rapper's invitation as an olive branch. Gay activists react with anger and embarrassment.

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