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City Council Debate

February 18, 2001

Re "Hayden Takes Brunt of the Attack From Opponents at Debate," Elections / 5th City Council District, Feb. 11.

The article about the Feb. 10 debate belittled the rivals ("as they popped up and down in their seats") and failed to adequately distinguish their responses to questions.

To save time answering questions, we were instructed to stand up at our seats.

My response to a crucial question about working conditions in sweatshops around the world was omitted.

When the public continually looks for the lowest price for any product (which is our right), we are to blame for those conditions.

If you do not like supporting such labor practices, look at the label telling where the item is made before you buy, and learn what the labor practices are of the respective U.S. companies.

The article also failed to mention that [Tom] Hayden was the only candidate who consistently ran over the time limit.


North Hollywood


Editor's note: Victor N. Viereck is a candidate in Los Angeles City Council District 5

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