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Building Rail in Los Angeles

February 18, 2001

* Re "Red Line Riding Close to MTA's Projections," Feb. 12.

Rep. [Henry A.] Waxman is described in the article as a frequent critic of the Red Line "during its 1980s gestation."

This statement accurately implies that he was against the project before it was built.

He had a bill passed that outlawed a subway under Wilshire Boulevard because of natural gas deposits in the path of the route. Perhaps he neglected to mention in his testimony that there were a hundred buildings placed in that area, each of which utilized friction piles in their foundations that also pierced the gas fields, without incident.

Valley residents are now informed that instead of an extension of the Red Line, we will make do with some nice buses.

The moral of this sordid story is that if you want to buy a politician in these days of inflation, you need big money.

As to the Bus Riders Union, the oil lobby has made a brilliant public relations move in having rail described in the public mind as racist.


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