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Ardent About Alamos

February 18, 2001

Regarding the article about Alamos, Mexico ("Pleasure of the Sierra Madre," Jan. 28): I was sad to read how Alamos is becoming another mecca for wealthy Americans. I have fond memories of visiting there in the 1970s and 1980s, as my mother was a resident there for 20 years.

At one time there were more than 100 Americans and some Canadians who had homes in town and different barrios. Everyone knew each other, and winter was quite busy--dinner parties, cocktails--and of course TGIF, which was held at a different home each Friday.

Back when the Hotel Portales was the place to meet in the afternoons, the porch would be filled. If you thought Alamos was a great place, you should have gone there in the 1980s. Then you would have seen Mexico. There weren't the fancy hotels with fancy prices or fancy restaurants either. But I loved it.



I want to thank you for a great article on Alamos. It brought back the wonderful memories of my trip there last summer. After 35 years, I returned to Alamos to research my mother's lineage. My maternal grandparents were born in Alamos in the late 1800s. My grandfather was a friend of former Mexican President Alvaro Obregon and held several positions in the Mexican government.

Although I was born in Tucson, I have a special place in my heart for Alamos.


Noblesville, Ind.

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