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February 22, 2001

"I don't know what all the controversy is about, quite frankly. I've met Eminem, I met him backstage, and he's really gay."

Host Jon Stewart

"Thirteen years and six albums to get here. . . . I would like to thank my parents for always stressing: Be an individual. And I stand here and represent nothing but music."

Shelby Lynne, who won best new artist

"We haven't got freedom for Leonard Peltier yet--maybe he's not Marc Rich enough."

Robbie Robertson, introducing the first-ever Grammy for Native American music

"We can't edit out the art that makes us uncomfortable. Remember, that's what our parents tried to do to Elvis, the Stones and the Beatles."

Grammy chief Michael Greene, introducing the performance by Eminem and Elton John

"We could be handing out an award tonight to one of the angriest artists in the history of the Grammys."

"But Stevie, I don't know why you'd say that. I mean, I think Paul Simon has really mellowed."

Stevie Wonder and Bette Midler, introducing the best album nominees

"I would like to thank God and my mother also, but I just have this picture in my head of God looking down on people like us at occasions like this and [saying], 'Oh, don't thank me for that song. There's no hook, the chorus is weak and they'll never play that on the radio.' "

U2's Bono, accepting one of the band's three awards for the song "Beautiful Day"

"Whaddyasay, Joe?"

"I'm speechless."

Jimmy Smits and R&B singer Joe, talking about their scantily dressed co-presenter, Toni Braxton

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