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Web Week

February 22, 2001

The Week Ahead on the Web


Show Tunes--3 p.m.: The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts presents the Con Brio Theatre Orchestra, offering show-stopping tunes from popular Broadway musicals.

Hard Rock--6 p.m.: Vancouver, Wash.-based band Flybanger adds more sonic noise to the Northwest music scene. After its independent release, "Knottskull," Flybanger signed a deal with Columbia Records and released last year's "Headtrip to Nowhere." This was recorded in December at the House of Blues in Chicago.


Ice Hockey--4:30 p.m.: Mario Lemieux continues his comeback from Hodgkin's disease as the Pittsburgh Penguins try to ice the New York Rangers in this Atlantic Division face-off.


Rock--noon: Hootie and the Blowfish emerged in the mid-1990s with its major-label debut, "Cracked Rear View." Hootie credits R.E.M. as its biggest influence in this 24-hour Webcast, which was recorded in November in Orlando, Fla.

Latin Rock--3 p.m.: The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts presents the musicians of the Afro-Rican Ensemble showcasing a variety of styles, from blues to Latin rock to funk and R&B.


Classical--3 p.m.: The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts presents the John Mueller Duo performing a variety of original music for trombone, euphonium and piano from the classical period through the 20th century.


Soul--noon: Billy Preston began his career earlier than most, getting his first gig at 10 when he played keyboards for gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Preston also has toured with Little Richard and was a backup vocalist on the Beatles' "Let It Be" album. This Webcast was recorded in October at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.


Space--8 a.m.: Jack Bacon and Mark Glorioso from the Mission Evaluation Team discuss engineering on the International Space Station.

Cooking--1 p.m.: Do you know which food items are best used in the bathtub? Stumped? Pete Wells, Food & Wine editor, will answer this and other questions and introduce you to the hottest and newest foods.

Home Decorating--6:30 p.m.: Chat with Kitty Bartholomew, host of HGTV's "You're Home," as she offers guidance about inexpensive and creative home decor.


Space--8 a.m. Albert Rodriguez and Liz Bauer discuss experiments on the International Space Station.

Heavy Metal--Noon: The group Full Devil Jacket is ready to unleash its gut-wrenching sound. This Webcast was recorded in November at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

--Compiled by KATHLEEN BRADY

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