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Government Symposium

February 25, 2001

Re "More Questions Than Answers," Valley Edition editorials, Feb. 11.

One reason there weren't many northeast Valleyites at the Feb. 5 symposium "Right-Sizing Local and Regional Government," sponsored by the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, could be the hefty $55 attendance fee. I wanted to participate but my old car failed me that morning. And those Pacoimans lucky enough to have jobs no doubt were at work [on a] Monday.

Nonetheless, Pacoima produced the highest percentage (54) of signatures on Valley VOTE petitions seeking a [Local Agency Formation Commission] study. Fifty percent of the Sylmar voters signed up while less than 30% of the registered voters of Toluca Lake, Studio City, Tarzana, Encino and Sherman Oaks penned their assent.

So much for the myth that the wealthy "elite" are behind this secession movement.

What keeps local "communities of interest" from being segregated, both ethnically and economically? One potent nexus is the neighborhood school.

Vibrant democracy grows upward from the grass roots of a natural region such as the San Fernando Valley.


North Hollywood

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