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Lobbying Organization

February 25, 2001

* Re "Auto Club Board" by Edwina L. Hughes, Letters to the Valley Edition, Feb. 18.

It may surprise Ms. Hughes to learn that the [American Automobile Assn.] has been a political lobbying organization for most of its existence.

While its current Washington lobbying staff of 12 is meager by Washington, D. C., standards, AAA uses its 43 million members effectively to work for legislation it deems necessary (and vice versa).

Unfortunately, its positions most often reflect those of the automotive industry, which fights hard for more roads, fewer pollution controls and lower safety standards. To call AAA a nonpartisan business is simply incorrect.


Canyon Country


As a member for more than 10 years, I can attest to the fact that the Automobile Club of Southern California does more than just help stranded drivers on the freeway. The club also helps to plan trips and cruises. It insures my cars as well as my home.

This is a service organization. I am perfectly content with my own choice of political party. If my dues or insurance premiums are going to be used to support political action, the club will lose my membership so quickly it will feel the breeze of my departure.


Thousand Oaks

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