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3rd Council District

February 25, 2001

* Re "3rd District Seat a Magnet for City Hall Veterans," Feb. 19.

Francine Oschin is interested in becoming a council member of the 3rd District, but is she interested in meeting with the constituents of the area and letting them hear her point of view? Apparently not, as she did not attend the San Fernando Valley West Democratic Club's forum Feb. 18, after she RSVP'd that she would.

She did not even have the courtesy to cancel by phone. She just plain didn't show.

The other five candidates were there and had a lively discussion in front of a well-attended audience.

Not showing up to allow the voters to see what you're about stays in their minds come election day. After all, the downtown corporations may give you lots of money, but they are not the ones who vote for you.



Valley West Democratic Club

Woodland Hills


In the caption below my photograph, which accompanied your article on the 3rd District City Council race, you identified me as "retired deputy for former Councilman Marvin Braude."

The fact is that it was Councilman Braude who retired, not me. If he had not retired, I still would be working for him.

When Councilman Braude retired, it left me with enough free time to become more deeply involved in a wide array of community activities.

Then, when City Councilwoman Laura Chick was forced out of office by term limits, I decided to become a candidate in the 3rd District, where I have lived for the last 17 years. At no time have I retired.


Candidate for City Council


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