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Chuck Quackenbush

February 25, 2001

* Re "Bill Proposes Protections for State Lawyers," Feb. 22: Insurance Commission attorney Cindy Ossias took the proper action when she notified the Assembly Insurance Committee about the wrongdoing occurring under Chuck Quackenbush's reign. Ossias was hired by the state to work for the Department of Insurance. She was not hired to work for Quackenbush. Ossias had a professional duty and affirmative obligation to report wrongdoing. She should be commended for the professional, and correct, handling of Quackenbush's wrongdoing. I am glad that the current insurance commissioner has kept her on as an employee.


Long Beach

* Re "Quackenbush the Sequel," editorial, Feb. 21: As evidence of Quackenbush's corruption mounts, let's not ignore a basic source of that corruption. Who funded Quackenbush's election campaign, and how much, compared to his other contenders? How much would taxpayers have saved with public funding of those campaigns in place of today's legal bribery?



* Doesn't anyone get punished for all of the illegal dealings in the insurance commissioner's office under Quackenbush? Have we waived all of the laws governing the behavior of elected officials? Quackenbush is a free man and should have to answer for his crimes. Money stolen from taxpayers must be accounted for and those responsible brought to justice if we are to avoid a taxpayer revolt.



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