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Murphy Reelected, but Golonski Faces Runoff


BURBANK — Giving a vote of confidence to Councilwoman Stacey Murphy's handling of issues from the proposed new terminal at Burbank Airport to municipal growth, voters Tuesday reelected her to the City Council, but forced incumbent David Golonski into an April 10 runoff.

Murphy, 42, the owner of a secretarial service computer company who has also served as mayor, garnered 6,276 votes to win a second term in office. She was the top vote-getter among eight candidates vying for three council seats.

Marsha R. Ramos, a businesswoman and community activist, received the second highest number of votes, with 5,211.

"I'm speechless," said Ramos. "The support of the community for my first-time run has been tremendous."

Candidates needed more than 50% of the 10,674 votes cast to win outright and avoid a runoff in the general election.

Murphy will remain on the council, along with David Laurell and Bob Kramer, who lost his bid Tuesday to become city treasurer.

Golonski, a computer systems manager who twice served as mayor, garnered 5,129 votes, to finish a surprising third. He is in a runoff with Ramos; Gary Olson, who received 3,168 votes; and Howard Rothenbach, who received 2,661 votes.

The runoff will also decide who fills the seat being vacated by two-term councilman and current Mayor Bill Wiggins.

Candidates who fell short of the votes necessary to reach the runoff are John Dominguez, with 2,319; Robert S. Brody, with 1,845; Marco A. Gonzalez, with 883; Ed Stresino, with 763; and Charles F. Brandon, with 742 votes.

Donna E. Anderson was elected city treasurer with 6,302 votes, over Kramer, who received 3,081 votes; Todd Layfer, with 882 votes, and Charity Dawn Wynn with 188.

In other Burbank races, City Clerk Judie Sarquiz ran unopposed and was reelected with 8,876 votes.

Two incumbents were easily reelected to the five-member Burbank Unified School District board. Patricia Burnett received 7,190 votes and Connie Lackey had 6,791 votes.

Glen R. Forsch, the lone challenger, finished behind the leaders with 2,391 votes. Burnett and Lackey will keep their posts on the board that also includes Mike McDonald, Elena Hubbell and Richard Raad.

Turnout for the primary election was light, according to the Burbank city clerk's office. Fewer than 20% of the city's eligible voters cast ballots.

Voter selections appeared to indicate general satisfaction with Murphy, who, along with Golonski, was instrumental in negotiating a 1999 deal with Burbank Airport that gave conditional approval to construction of a new $300-million, 14-gate terminal on a 130-acre parcel owned by Lockheed Martin.

That deal disintegrated after challenges by airlines, Burbank residents and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport officials are now considering building a terminal on an alternative site.


The Primary Vote

All precincts counted


Winners in bold *

CITY CLERK (One seat)

Percentage received

Judie Sarquiz* 83.0%

(Ran unopposed)


CITY COUNCIL (Three seats)

Percentage received

Stacey Murphy* 57.9%

Next four candidates will vie for

two seats in a runoff election

Marsha R. Ramos 48.0%

David Golonski* 47.3%

Gary Olson 29.2%

Howard Rothenbach 24.5%

John Dominguez 21.4%

Robert S. Brody 17.0%

Marco A. Gonzalez 8.1%

Ed Stresino 7.0%

Charles F. Brandon 6.8%



Percentage received

Donna E. Anderson 58.1%

Bob Kramer 28.4%

Todd Layfer 8.1%

Charity Dawn Wynn 1.7%


SCHOOL BOARD (Two seats)

Percentage received

Patricia Burnett* 66.0%

Connie Lackey* 62.0%

Glen R. Forsch 22.0%



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