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Seeking Just Reparations for Slavery's Legacy

January 08, 2001

In "The Calculus of Injustice" (Dec. 11), Joan Brown would like to think that herown grandchildren are in foster homes as a result of slavery. She would like to think that her own children are high school dropouts and unfit parents because of slavery.

I suspect she would like to think this way because she doesn't want to admit that her children's problems are her own doing. Rather than giving them the discipline and work ethic they need to succeed in this world, she has instilled in them a sense of entitlement and self-perpetuating victimhood. This is preparation for failure. The equation for success is quite easy: Study hard + work hard + stay out of trouble=success.


Los Angeles


I feel the only way African Americans can get respect is for the history books to be written with the truth of what every race has contributed to this country. Stop separating history classes; have one mandatory history class with the truth. History books disenfranchise other races and delete their contributions. Making history classes on other races and nationalities elective is wrong. To grow up knowing your race has made contributions as well as others would help build respect between the races.



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