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Frequent TWA Passenger Will Miss Airline

January 14, 2001

As a frequent flyer of TWA, I'm sorry to see a 75-year-old airline with such a magnificent and innovative past get gobbled up ["American Confirms Plans to Buy TWA, Assets of US Air," Jan. 11].

As a resident of Los Angeles, I have the luxury of picking just about any carrier for my heavy business travel. I've chosen TWA regularly because, even though its route structure is a bit lacking, it is consistently on time and reliable.

When I get off a TWA flight and they tell me they appreciate my business, I believe they mean it. I'll miss the small-airline feel and the personal touch at the TWA Ambassadors club at Los Angeles International Airport, where a retired captain with 40 years' service greets and jokes with passengers.

Perhaps American can learn some things from TWA and, in doing so, grow with pride and professionalism, always remembering to treat passengers as if they really are paying the bills.


Long Beach


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