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January 23, 2001

How would you rate your school for its showing of spirit at athletic contests?



Woodbridge, Water Polo

At our school, everyone is really excited because it seems that every team is doing really good. Our soccer teams, I think our basketball teams are both ranked high, our water polo team is winning . . . In the past, our water polo team hasn't done as well but we're doing better this season and we're getting a lot more support than in the past. Our fans are great. They just want us to win.


Kennedy, Wrestling

I guess we have good school spirit, especially for sports like football or basketball. There's some school support for wrestling, but it could be better. I wish it was more. It makes it exciting for the team. To hear the crowd cheer. It can really make a difference and a big crowd can really pump you up.


Esperanza, Basketball

The spirit at our school is fantastic. Everyone goes to football games. We have a lot of support for other sports, as well as basketball. Even our cheerleaders and song teams have their competitions, and we have people going out to cheer for them when they compete. Our school is a great school for sports and it's filled with spirit. We have a lot of fans, which is nice.


Capistrano Valley, Soccer

I think we have the best fans. All the schools in our league have good support, but we are probably one of the top schools, especially our soccer fans. We always get great support from them.


Foothill, Basketball

All the students are made aware of all the events that are going on. There is quite a bit of support, and I'm happy to see that there are a lot of teachers who come out and support all the events. It seems that teachers take an active interest in students outside of the classroom. It's nice to see that people care, not just about academics, but extracurricular activities. I feel I spend a lot of time supporting the school by playing a sport, and it's nice to see other students support me.


Edison, Football, Baseball

I think that the students at Edison do a pretty good job of supporting the athletic teams. The true school spirit comes out when we play (beat) Fountain Valley in football. We always fill the stadium at OCC to standing room only every year. The stands are our 12th man.


Would you be willing to postpone your college career perhaps forever, for a chance to turn professional in your sport? Why or why not?

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