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Finding Crazed Fraser, Other Goodies

July 07, 2001|MARC SALTZMAN

Here are some of the most talked-about Easter eggs to hunt for on recent DVD releases--and how to access them.


On 20th Century Fox's comedy with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley, viewers can unlock a controversial deleted scene.

Head over to the Special Features area and then click More to access the second page. Click the right arrow on the remote and a little red devil will appear on Hurley's shoulder. Press Enter for a lengthy deleted scene in which Fraser becomes a drug-using and womanizing rock star. As the warning label cautions, this is for mature viewers only.

"Cast Away"

On Fox's new DVD release of the hit Tom Hanks movie, insert the second (supplemental) disc and then select Video and Stills Galleries from the main menu. Then use the remote to scroll down to the words Raft Escape, but instead of pressing Enter/Select, tap the left button and a set of yellow and blue wings will appear toward the left portion of the screen. Press Enter.

What's the big secret? On March 13, director Robert Zemeckis participated in a Q&A at the USC School of Cinema and Television. One student asked Zemeckis what was in the unopened FedEx package that Chuck carried with him throughout the movie, and if you click Play, you will hear his response.

"Charlie's Angels"

Three Easter eggs are hidden on Columbia TriStar's DVD of the hit movie starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

From the main menu, select the Special Features section and highlight Getting G'd Up (G'd refers to director Joseph McGintry Nichol, who is called McG). Don't press Enter--instead, tap the right button on the remote control and Diaz's midsection will be highlighted. Press Enter for a short sexy montage of all three Angels. Next, go to the second page of Special Features and select Wired Angels. Press the left arrow and then Enter to watch as Barrymore undergoes painstaking plaster-masking.

Then, on the third Special Features page, go to the left arrow at the bottom and instead of pressing Enter, tap the right arrow on the remote to bring up an extensive video of outtakes and rehearsals (and an impressive Christopher Walken impression by actor Sam Rockwell).

"Die Hard"

Insert Disc 2 from the popular Bruce Willis action flick and instead of choosing from any of the bonus features, click Up on the remote and a red light will illuminate at the top middle portion of the helicopter landing pad.

Click Enter and before you know it, the high-rise building will blow up, followed by the words, "There Goes Fox Home Entertainment!"

"Little Nicky"

Insert New Line Cinema's "Little Nicky" and select the Special Features sign from the main menu. Of the three possible paths to take, choose the middle one ("Central Park") and an image of Nicky on a park bench will appear.

Rather than selecting from this list of features to the right, move down to the word Documentaries and then click the left button instead of Enter. A yellow halo will appear over Adam Sandler's head. Press Enter and enjoy a extensive trailer to New Line's upcoming fantasy film, "The Lord of the Rings."


Insert the first of two DVDs of the Paul Thomas Anderson movie and wait until the main menu appears. One of your choices will be Set-Up. Select this, then choose the Color Bars section. You'll see those familiar television color bars, but wait for a few seconds until the bars disappear. Then, almost 10 minutes of bloopers from the film will roll, including some comical Tom Cruise flubs.

"The Mummy"

Music lovers will enjoy the Easter egg embedded on Universal's "The Mummy." From the DVD's main menu, enter the section titled Languages and wait until the animation finishes. Turn up the volume and put your feet up--you can listen to Jerry Goldsmith's movie soundtrack in its entirety.

Here's one more: Select the Bio section for actors Brendan Fraser and Arnold Vosloo to uncover a few secret trailers to Vosloo's 1994 film "Darkman II" and Fraser's 1998 "Gods and Monsters."

"Requiem for a Dream"

As with most other Artisan DVDs, the disc for the grim but admired "Requiem for a Dream" features a few clever Easter eggs.

From the main menu, press Up or Down on the remote until the words "Hear Tappy's Amazing Life Story!" are illuminated in yellow. Press Enter and it'll take you to the five-minute infomercial from the movie. (Tappy is a character in the movie.)

Also, inside the Chapter Index, click the right remote button over to the Chapters 21 to 24 section. Push Up twice to watch a never-before-seen part of Tappy's show on how to change your life. Here, fans of the film can find out what rule No. 3 was . . . though you may not like the sounds of it.


On the 25th anniversary edition of MGM's "Rocky" (also found in the new "Rocky Box Set"), there's a humorous short film hidden within.

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