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Deadly Storm Cuts Swath in China's South

July 07, 2001|From Reuters

HONG KONG — A severe tropical storm pounded southern China on Friday, killing two people and causing tens of millions of dollars in damage after cutting a deadly swath through the Philippines and Taiwan.

The storm struck the heavily populated southern province of Guangdong, razing 1,400 houses and savaging farmland.

Two people were reported dead and four injured, while property losses amounted to about $120 million, the official New China News Agency reported late Friday.

Crops were devastated and heavy damage was reported to fisheries, roads, power lines, dams and irrigation facilities, an official with the Flood Relief Command of Shanwei said in Guangdong.

"There have been reports of battered coastal dams, seaside villages surrounded by floods and crops swept away," a flood relief official said.

Typhoon Utor ripped through the northern Philippines and Taiwan on Wednesday and Thursday, killing at least 55 people.

It weakened to a tropical storm with winds of 68 mph as it reached land at Shanwei, about 75 miles northeast of Hong Kong.

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