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No Time to Play

July 08, 2001

Americans are awarded, on average, 14 days of vacation per year but use only 12.2 of them, one survey found. How they feel about that:

"I wish I could take more of the paid vacation days I have available."

Neither agree nor disagree: 15.5%

Don't know: 4.7%

Disagree: 18.3%

Agree: 61.3%

"I'm too busy to take a vacation."

Neither agree nor disagree: 6.0%

Don't know: 1.0%

Disagree: 48.5%

Agree: 44.5%


Figures do not add up to 100% because of rounding.

Source: Phone survey of 544 U.S. adults 18 or over, employed full time.

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