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Viagra and Porn:

July 09, 2001

Who Cares?

Why on Earth are you writing about the use of Viagra in the porn industry ("Lights! Camera! Viagra!" July 6)? And on the front page of the paper? How about on the front page of the entertainment section or, better yet, the front page of nothing? Who cares, and what's your point? This new direction for the paper is a bit too far out there.

Stacey Strickler

Los Angeles

My children and I wish to express our appreciation for your Page 1 article on porn star performances. We are much better informed now knowing that it can be done five times a day. What in-depth reporting!

John E. Sims

Pacific Palisades

Gee, it must be a really slow news day to find a front-page story regarding a porn actor using Viagra. What possible information did that give us that we needed to know? If it had been about Viagra only, it could have been put in the Health section, but most of us do not need or want to know about pornography. Shame, shame.

Evelyn Harris


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