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What happened on June 10, 2001








  • One From the Heart JEFF TURRENTINE, Jeff Turrentine is a senior editor at Architectural Digest. His writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times Book Review, the New York Times Magazine and Forbes FYI

  • The Quality of Hurt MAUREEN HOWARD, Maureen Howard is the author of, most recently, "Big as Life: Three Tales for Spring." manque are an exploration of the fractured bourgeois dream of domestic bliss. She has written three tales of our housebroken estate, stories in which ordinary people confront the limitations of passion and the adaptations of love

  • L.a. Confidential EUGEN WEBER, Eugen Weber is a contributing writer to Book Review

  • The Musk of Menace FRANCIE LIN, Francie Lin is the associate editor of The Threepenny Review

  • First Fiction MARK ROZZO

  • Summer Reading: A Young Adult Roundup GILLIAN ENGBERG, Gillian Engberg is an editor in the books for youth department of Booklist magazine and is Booklist's consultant for the Young Adult Library Services Association's Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers committee

  • The Feminine Mystique LAURIE STONE, Laurie Stone is the author of "Close to the Bone" and "Laughing in the Dark."

  • Back in the World JACK FULLER, Jack Fuller is the author of the Vietnam War novel "Fragments" and, most recently, "The Best of Jackson Payne." He is the president of the Tribune Publishing Co

  • The Ties That Bind AMY EPHRON, Amy Ephron is the author of "A Cup of Tea" and "White Rose."

  • The Lost World GLORIA EMERSON, Gloria Emerson is the author of "Loving Graham Greene: A Novel."

  • Finding Faith, Expecting Failure D.T. MAX, D.T. Max is a contributing editor to The Paris Review

  • Requiem for a Dream THOMAS CURWEN, Thomas Curwen is the deputy editor of Book Review

  • A Boy's Own Story REGINA MARLER, Regina Marler is the author of "Bloomsbury Pie: The Making of the Bloomsbury Boom."

  • What Isn't and What's Lies and What Didn't Happen TOM NOLAN, Tom Nolan is the author of "Ross Macdonald: A Biography."

  • Carnal Knowledge PETER GREEN, Peter Green is the former fiction critic of the London Daily Telegraph

  • The Music of Time SCOTT MORRIS, Scott Morris is the author of "The Total View of Taftly" and former executive editor of The Oxford American

  • Lost in Translation ALFRED MAC ADAM, Alfred Mac Adam is the author of 'Textual Confrontations: Comparative Readings in Latin American Literature.' A professor of Latin American literature at Barnard College, Columbia University, he has translated many writers, including Carlos Fuentes and Alejo Carpentier

  • The Higher Patriotism TONY PERRY, Tony Perry is The Times' bureau chief in San Diego

  • Hypocrisy and Its Discontents JAMES WOOD, James Wood is the author of "The Broken Estate: Essays on Literature and Belief." His essay appears as the introduction to "The Golovlyov Family." "Portrait of Konstantin Somov" (1895) by Philip Maliavin; from "Russian Art Nouveau: The Diaghilev Group of Russian Artists" (Parkstone Press: 286 pp., $55)

  • Detective in a Red Dress PAULA L. WOODS, Paula L. Woods is the author of "Inner City Blues: A Charlotte Justice Novel."

  • The Impotence of Intelligence CRISTINA NEHRING, Cristina Nehring teaches literature at UCLA and Universite de Paris XIII. Her essays appear in Harper's, Atlantic Monthly and The American Scholar

  • Torments of Pretense LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN, Lesley Chamberlain is the author of the forthcoming "The Secret Artist: A Close Reading of Sigmund Freud."




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