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Staying Healthy and Safe While Out on the Road

March 04, 2001|JUDI DASH

New products to assure health and safety on the go are constantly evolving. The following items may be available in stores. Price does not include shipping.

Air aid: Not to be a worrywart, but an estimated three of four fire fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation, and every extra minute of breathable air can help.

Brookdale International Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of safety products, has created an emergency smoke hood that pops out of an attached air canister about the size of a soft-drink can and provides up to 20 extra minutes of filtered air. Just twist the lid off the canister, pull the hood on and breathe through the mouthpiece. Built into the mouthpiece is a filter that protects against toxic fumes. (The canister does not contain pure oxygen, which can be combustible.) The coated hood resists heat up to 800 degrees. EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood is $69.95. For a store or mail-order source, contact Brookdale International Systems; telephone. (800) 459-3822; Internet

Ear muffler: Studies have confirmed a correlation among noise, fatigue and stress symptoms. Aircraft roar, especially for many hours, makes travelers feel bad. Bose, makers of high-tech audio systems, has developed a headset that suppresses high- and low-frequency background noise. When plugged into a plane's audio jack, the headset enhances the sound. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling Headset, $299. For a store or mail-order source, contact the manufacturer; tel. (800) 650-2673,

Mobile table: It took a 90-year-old Oregon man shuffling along with a walker to invent this ingenious clear plastic tray that rests firmly on the bars below the walker handles. It provides a flat surface for transporting magazines, meals, knitting and other items. Built into one side of the lightweight tray is a 51/2-inch-diameter, 1-inch-high cylinder for keeping drinks, keys and other small items from sliding off. The Devlin Tray (named after its creator) is a huge help for elderly and physically challenged individuals. It also makes a nifty lap tray that is useful for car trips.

The Devlin Tray for walkers is $35, including shipping. Send check or money order to Devlin Tray, P.O. Box 2175, Gresham, OR 97030. For information, e-mail

Cleanliness afoot: Soapy Soles is a foot-shaped rubber pad that attaches to a tub or shower floor with suction cups and provides a soft, rubber-bristle surface for rubbing feet clean without bending. Just rub a soap bar against the bristles , move your foot, and you get clean soles. This is a good sanitary precaution for showers of dubious cleanliness.


Soapy Soles are $19.95 from McNaughton Inc. To order or to find a store, tel. (800) 423-5487,

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