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March 06, 2001

Should outdoor playoff games be played no matter what the weather is like, assuming conditions aren't life-threatening?


Edison, Soccer

I don't think playoff games should be played in bad weather because there's so much at stake. When we made it to the semifinals against Mission Viejo, we had to play in the rain, and it was a big factor in the outcome, and we lost. When conditions are bad, neither team is going to play to the best of their ability, and they should be able to play in the best conditions if they're playing in such a big game.


Santa Margarita, Volleyball

As long as conditions aren't life threatening or dangerous for the players, I think that you should play those playoff games in the rain, even if the field conditions are really bad. Both teams have to play the same game, under the same conditions, so it's not unfair.


State CIF Spokesman

The safety of student-

athletes must be considered in making any determina-

tion on whether or not a game should be played. As far as state championships are concerned, a management committee consisting of coaches and administrators is in place to make such a determination.


Capistrano Valley, Athletic Director

It is obvious that CIF had no concerns about the welfare of the athletes, by forcing them to play in these horrible conditions [during soccer semifinals 2/27]. There is no reason why the games couldn't have been postponed a day or two, especially when the safety of our kids is at stake.


Santa Margarita, Water Polo

I've played in pouring rain and hail, but never thought once about stopping the game--unless, of course there was lighting--that can kill you.

But you train hard to play hard regardless of the weather. And if you're not up to it then quit because it's all part of the game.


The Southern Section eliminated ties in football championship games beginning this past season. Should it do the same for soccer title matches?

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